Most Profitable Stocks In 2013

[ February 8, 2012 | Author: admin | Views: 36654 | Weather: | Mood: normal]

2012 so far has turned out to be great for equities in the US with S&P already returning over 4% this year. The Value Stock Guide portfolio has done even better, with 14% returns YTD, comfortably beating S&P this year and for the life of the portfolio. That is, if close to 30% annualized outperformance since inception can be termed “comfortable”. At the turn of the year, we ran a number of screens for finding a good shortlist of stocks that investors can research further for setting up their portfolio for the year 2012 and beyond. All these screens are biased towards value and I have filtered them by size and investment goals so investors can match the stocks with their investment requirements. Also, these lists, along with a little more valuation data, can be downloaded in Excel through each of the following pages. Most Profitable Stocks In 2012: Cummins Inc. (CMI) Cummins Inc. … Continue reading